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{Work Life} Productivity Boost- Three Easy Steps

After years of  setting productivity goals and rarely reaching them, I tried something different. In 2016, I decided to do three things differently to boost my productivity and my work life has improved tremendously.   Here’s what I did (it’s pretty simple!):   #1- Set 3-5 short term goals: My current work short-term goals include: Completing… Read More {Work Life} Productivity Boost- Three Easy Steps

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{Cloth Diapers} The Type

Source After we made the decision to use cloth diapers, we were quickly overwhelmed with the options. Here were the three things I did to educate myself on the world of cloth diapers: I joined a Facebook group. I checked out this book from the library: I talked to other moms about their experience.… Read More {Cloth Diapers} The Type