Thanksgiving is much more than a time to eat an abundance of home-cooked food, watch football and talk about the “Black Friday” sales. Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude… A time when people write on their facebook walls and twitter about how grateful they are for things in their lives. I wonder how many of us actually get the true meaning of Thanksgiving. How many of us stop long enough to look in someone’s eyes and tell them exactly why we are grateful for them? How many of us press pause and see through the media showers and the facebook posts long enough to think about those that really impact our world?

This year, I have had quite a bit of time to think about the people responsible for making my world a great place to be… I’ve reflected on the way people in other places live and how much I take for granted on a daily basis. I have also realized that during the midst of my thoughts, I even failed to remember the small things that make my little world possible. So I thought in this post, I’d list my top ten list.
Before I begin my list, you need to know a little bit about when I first started working on the list… It’s a comical story actually! I went with some strangers (they are now friends), to a little island in the Americas… We spent time in Haiti, loving and laughing basically. At night, when we were exhausted and in our tents sweating like stuck hogs, my team compiled a top ten list. The list was developed by each one of us shouting out things in the dark that we missed about our lives such as electricity, fresh water, our beds, ice cream, air conditioning, fresh air, etc. The list that we created while in Haiti was what we “thought” we missed. However, when we got back to America, we realized that we had so many more reasons to be grateful.
I challenge any of you that read this to think about things that are important to you… be specific because I think you’ll find that your list can be quite long if you just change the outlook on life.
My Top 10:
1. My Savior: Creator, Father, Teacher, Physician, Friend… He gave me a gift that I can never repay.
2. My Parents: They sacrificed so much to help mold me into the woman I am today. They call me “shining star” because I was taught to reach for the stars.
3. My Sister: She’s my little cheerleader! In her eyes, I never mess up. She tells me she loves me every single day and reminds me how precious I am in the eyes of my Lord.
4. My Love Bug, Jason: He’s my rock!! He does not let me be a wimp! He reminds me to keep my head held high and keep pushing through challenges. He makes my life easier.
5. My Friends: Too numerous and too much variety to say something about all of you. The support that is given to me by my friends is never failing… they laugh with me, cry with me and yell at me when I mess up!
6. Arthritis Center of Lexington: The physicians gave me a chance to prove what I am made of… They took a risk on a little girl and hoped I’d grow into a woman… I’m still working on it and they are so patient with me.
7. Dawn, Sabrina & Jon: My heart beats faster when I am around them… I simply cannot stop smiling when I am around them. They say the funniest things and melt away all of my fears, insecurities and self-doubts. 
8. My Animals: They love their mama! No pain is too great for them, no harsh words are ever held against me… I am always reminded how simplistic life can be when they love on me.
9. America: A broad statement in general… but the opportunities we have in this land is not to be taken lightly. As an American, I have the ability to be free… Freedom is pretty awesome! 
10. Haiti: I went there to love and found love in the greatest form…

Engagement Photos

As Jason & I started thinking about our wedding plans, I instantly knew that I wanted my cousin, Desirae Jones to record our Special Day through her photography. Desirae has the capability of capturing the truth through her images… As you can see in the above pictures, she captures the uncut version of life… I adore it!!
I wanted to have our photos taken outside and in the Fall for a couple of reasons: (1) Jason is a total nature buff… He loves to be outside and enjoy the Earth!! (2) I love FALL… There is something so breath taking about the changes of the leaves and the cool crisp air that makes me happy. I think it’s a reminder that nothing ever stays the same and things are always evolving and changing… I am constantly reminded how special the Seasons of life are when I am surrounded by the beauties of our Creator!! 
Our engagement pictures turned out absolutely beautiful… Desi is super talented! My fiance is gorgeous!! The day was absolutely perfect!! A winning trifecta. 🙂