31 Days to Clean- Six List

Sarah Mae’s book Thirty-One Days to Clean-Having a Martha House the Mary Way has been very challenging. The tasks that I am trying to focus on many days seem too time intensive and I am falling short on meeting the relationship goals as well. However, I have resolved to trying to achieve bite sized goals each week. One of my goals this week has been to implement the six list (follow the link to read more about the list) into my personal and professional life.

As a long-time list lover, I occasionally find that my list making is actually counter-productive and downright foolish. I spend time scribbling on paper or typing on my electronic device and fail to MOVE. My attempt to organize my life and achieve goals is supposed to help me progress. However, when my list is four pages long, it seems impossible to achieve.

I believe that the six list has been used in my life as a way to for the Lord to say, “My child, my ways are fool-proof and your ways are foolish!” When I plan my way, I end up discouraged and overwhelmed. With the six list, I am focused and more encouraged. At work, I have felt more resolved when I close my door each evening as I know I’ve made six steps in the right direction. At home, I feel less stressed because I am only focusing on six items instead of trying to read through a four page list. I feel like I am being a better steward of my time and not beating myself up so much when things do not go as planned.

I have been challenged this week both mentally and spiritually by this book. I am grateful that God is tearing down my ideas and creating for me a new way. I love that he can take my foolishness and make it fool-proof!

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