Bridal Shower Bouquet

Bridal shower gifts are all very traditional. Gifts are presented to the bride and groom in sweetly wrapped boxes and enclosed the contents are all rather similar. For my cousin’s shower a few weeks ago, I wanted to be a little more creative. I found a photo on Pinterest that inspired me to create a bridal bouquet.… Read More Bridal Shower Bouquet

Healthy Living


I’ve had a long-standing love hate relationship with fitness. I like the way people look when they are fit. I like the energy that fitness promotes. I hate the work it takes to get there. I have zero will power and as a result frequently start and stop my routine. I think I have fitness… Read More Fitness.


Mini Caprese Appetizer

I’m a procrastinator and generally need ideas quickly. Tonight was no exception. I needed a light appetizer for a birthday party. I searched pinterest and found this delicious idea. I tweaked the recipe in order to have an inexpensive and quick recipe that everyone loved. SCORE! Here’s the recipe: 1 pint of cherry tomatoes 8… Read More Mini Caprese Appetizer

Lifestyle, Prayer

Schedule the Fit

This morning when I hopped in my car and turned on my daily dose of Beth Moore (I’m currently listening to the Esther Study) she said “Sometimes you just gotta schedule in a fit because you need to have one!” Sisters, I scheduled the fit… F-I-T…. I had the fit and now I’m rebounding from… Read More Schedule the Fit