Bridal Shower Bouquet

Bridal shower gifts are all very traditional. Gifts are presented to the bride and groom in sweetly wrapped boxes and enclosed the contents are all rather similar. For my cousin’s shower a few weeks ago, I wanted to be a little more creative. I found a photo on Pinterest that inspired me to create a bridal bouquet.

I purchased a four piece kitchen tool set (slotted spatula, ladle, slotted spoon and cooking spoon) from Ikea and then added a green spatula from Target (it’s fabulous because it is a duel ended). I also purchased the silk hydrangeas from Target and wrapped it all together with lime green tissue paper (you could also use a kitchen towel as recommended by a friend) and tied with a pink bow. She LOVED it!


I’ve had a long-standing love hate relationship with fitness. I like the way people look when they are fit. I like the energy that fitness promotes. I hate the work it takes to get there. I have zero will power and as a result frequently start and stop my routine. I think I have fitness ADHD. Sometimes I like zumba or pilates, some days I like working in the gym or from a DVD… but mostly, I just like thinking about exercise. I like dreaming about my perfect body. Not a weight thing necessarily… more of a fantasy including strong legs and arms, a tummy without a little pooch and an energy level that makes me soar and most importantly a healthy lifestyle.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never really put any elbow grease into getting fit. I was not active as a child and I am the clumsiest person I know so sports are off the list. I think I’ve just accepted the fact that fitness is not in my DNA. However, I’m starting to think I have been wrong. 

I need fitness. I need to be a better steward of my body. I need to rewire my brain to “crave the burn” (I have friends that say that and I’m pretty sure they are insane!). I’m a work in progress so I’ve done a few things to work on changing my lifestyle over the past few months. I’ve been taking baby steps towards a healthier living since May and really feel like I need to share my progress. I have spent too much time on negative self-talk and not championing over small victories because the results seem too little. I realize that in order to succeed and to make a long-term change, I need to become a better cheerleader for myself. I need to love on myself more and not focus so much on where or what I should be doing… but more on how far I’ve come… small victories are still worth a big hearty WOO HOO! 

My small victories include:

1. Giving up soda on May 23 (Read about it here: Detox).

2. Gaining a Godly perspective on healthy living from Lisa TerKeurst book Made to Crave.

3. Joining SparkPeople and getting a buddy. My buddy and I e-mail regularly and are able to keep each other on track.

4. Trying new exercise routines. I’m still struggling with consistency but at least I am branching out and trying.

I’m not where I want to be but I am not staying where I have been and that my friends is encouragement.

Mini Caprese Appetizer

I’m a procrastinator and generally need ideas quickly. Tonight was no exception. I needed a light appetizer for a birthday party. I searched pinterest and found this delicious idea. I tweaked the recipe in order to have an inexpensive and quick recipe that everyone loved. SCORE!
Here’s the recipe:
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
8 ounces of mozzarella 
10 basil leaves
Optional: balsamic vinaigrette (to suit your taste)

Serving Size: 3 dozen

I created mine a little differently than the image above as I sandwiched the tomato in between two pieces of mozzarella and then topped with a folded piece of basil. I also served the balsamic on the side as some folks are adverse to the taste. However, you could easily drizzle the entire dish lightly with balsamic and it would be DELISH.

Schedule the Fit

This morning when I hopped in my car and turned on my daily dose of Beth Moore (I’m currently listening to the Esther Study) she said “Sometimes you just gotta schedule in a fit because you need to have one!” Sisters, I scheduled the fit… F-I-T…. I had the fit and now I’m rebounding from the fit.

I think there are times in every woman’s life where we just need to have a meltdown. We just need a good cleansing cry or a little temper tantrum to remind us that we are still women. This week my husband is out of town (I CANNOT SLEEP and he does not have cell service!), I am entertaining a monthly visitor (not sure how to explain that online… you get it, right?) and I am learning something new at work. I literally feel so overwhelmed, I think that if I stepped on the hem of my pants, my entire body would unravel. I am under a tremendous amount of stress. It’s insane. It’s uncommon. It’s out. of. control!

Therefore, I took the word from Miss Beth as a sign to just totally come undone. I had a mini-tantrum at work. I shut myself in a bathroom and cried a little. I scheduled a massage. And then I came back to reality. I dug in the word and reviewed some notes from my most recent quiet times with God and prayed.

Here’s what I found:

– My favorite all-time scripture: 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him as he cares for you.”

– A reminder that he has prepared an abundant life for me, even if I can’t see it NOW: 1 Corinthians 2:9,”However, as it is written: what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived, the things that God has prepared for those who love him”.

It’s ok not to be ok: Romans 5:3-4, “but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” (Check out She Seeks Devotional Blog Post on this—amazing).

– He perfects all things that concern me: Psalm 138

Our God is so faithful! He always shows up when we need him, he always builds us up when the world is knocking us down. Isn’t it great to know that sometimes he’s only one fit away?!?!

Precious Father, thank you for giving me the freedom to have a meltdown. Thank you for hearing my cry and removing my anxiety. Thank you for being patient with me when I am not focused on you. Thank you for loving me the way you do. In your name, Amen.

While You Were Out…

J is out of town this week on a camping trip with his friends. I have a few goals that I hope to accomplish while he is away.

For fun: I hope to spend time with a couple of my gal pals.
For study: I need to bang through an accounting chapter so I can nail a test.
For pleasure: I am coloring my hair now but I desperately need a pedicure. I hope to squeeze that in.
For domestics: I am working on creating a coupon binder. While visiting my friend recently she showed me the one her mother made her. And also, I have a linen closet that is out of control. I need to majorly get that on lock down.
I am crazy in love with my husband and cherish the time we spend together but a little break is so nice. It provides you with an opportunity to reflect on how wonderful your life is with your spouse. It makes you miss the little things. Today is day one and I missed him taking care of our dogs this morning and morning coffee. Those small acts of kindness really make my life easier.
I am looking forward to spending a week focusing on “me” and reflecting on the love of my life! Cheers to the start of a pleasant week.