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Stand Still

When I was a little girl and my mama would fix my hair, I had the tendency to wiggle around and sway from side to side. My mama would get so frustrated! She’d say “Sissy, be still!” (That’s what my family calls me). I’d huff and puff and eventually settle down (honestly.. you have to calm down when your mama has your ponytail in her hand and is yanking on it!).

In some circumstances, I’m still that little girl, I’m fidgety and unresolved. There are things in my life that just keep me all wound up and swaying from side to side. However, this time instead of my mama telling me to “be still” it’s the Lord. What started as a little nudge from him, a little whisper, “Sissy, be still!” has turned into a full fledged ponytail yank! It’s like he’s saying now, “Do you hear me little girl? I said BE STILL!”

He tells me this in so many ways… every where I go, I wait.

Scriptures like these scream “stand still”:

Exodus 14:14 (God’s Word Translation): ” The Lord is fighting for you! So be STILL!”

Samuel 12:6 (NIV): ” Stand still and see the great things that the Lord is about to do before your very eyes!”

My life is in transition (not in a bad way) and is forcing me to embrace stillness. I’m learning to stand still and listen to him and wait for his move. Until I know where I’m going, I’ll stand. After all, I’m sick of getting my pony tail yanked! My head is starting to hurt. (I’m a stubborn little girl).

Have you ever been there? Has your daddy ever told you to be still? 

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