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31 Days to Fit— January Preview

This January, I am trading in my high heels and scuffed sneakers and dusting off my running shoes.

Over the past several years, each January, I have resolved to eating healthier and losing weight. Each year, I fail miserably and my resolutions fly out the window. My waist size increases and my self-control decreases. This year, I want it to be different. I want it to actually stick– don’t you? I want to develop a healthier lifestyle that embraces who I am and who I want to become.

In efforts to hold myself accountable and focus on better habits, this January all my posts will be dedicated to healthy living. Each post will be centered around various get fit topics. I’ll be sharing my successes and failures with you along the way.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this new year and that you meet every obstacle with strength. Join me each day as I transform my daily life and learn how to develop healthier habits.

 Here’s my blog schedule:

Move it Monday

  Exploring work out routines such as Pilates, Yoga, Zumba & PureBarre. 

Tasty Tuesday

 Featuring recipes from various cook books, sites and blogs that make your taste buds dance and are healthy at the same time. 
Whatcha Readin’ Wednesday

 Discussing my favorite healthy lifestyle reads. 
Tips & Tricks Thursday

 Tips & Tricks found from a variety of different resources. 
Failure Friday

Personal weight loss failures and how they have motivated me to push through. 
Style Saturday

Exploring my favorite work out gear— because when you look cute, you feel better! 
I am looking forward to a healthier 2012 and I hope you are too!


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  1. Becca & Kelley– I am excited too! I'm a little nervous but I think it will really help motivate me and maybe someone else too! Cheers to 2012! Thanks for stopping by!

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