Haiti Sunrise.

(Source: Google) In three glorious months, my husband, sister and I get to watch the sun rise and fall in Haiti. We will be traveling to St. Louis Du Nord on June 18th and serve the folks of my favorite country for 10 fun filled days.  This will be my second time to Haiti and the… Read More Haiti Sunrise.

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The M Word

Hi Y’all! I am thrilled to guest blogging over at Eat Pray Read Love today for Miss Kelli. She is doing a Wives Tales’ series that is INCREDIBLE! Go check her out!  Jason and I married two years ago on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in front of our immediate family on a Jamaican Beach. While dating,… Read More The M Word

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Hi Y’all! I am a well intentioned woman but often super scatter brained so I apologize for not blogging recently. I’ve missed babbling on about my world and catching up on yours! During my absence, I’ve been doing some really fun things. One of them includes attending a Bible Study at my church on Wednesday… Read More Brave