Laundry Room: Organization

Our laundry room is dull. I am not in love with the color, the organization or the appliances. However, I believe it is really important to make the best of what you have so I added a little pizazz to the room. Total cost— $4. 
Supplies: Scrapbook stickers, ribbon and Martha Stewart Avery Labels ($3.19). 
Similar labels can be found here.
First, I used scrapbook stickers to categorize the contents in each basket and placed them on the Avery Labels. 
Then, I used craft glue to attach the label to the ribbon (left over from another project) and hot glued the ribbon to the basket.

The four baskets were labeled
: clean, sew, wash and spot (we are both clumsy and have dogs so spot remover is a MUST in our home!). 
Once each basket was labeled and decorated– I placed them on back on the shelf. 

This $4 basket facelift is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look lovely. I am already happier with the laundry room. An organized functional space is worth more than all the bells and whistles! 

Maximize Your Devotion Time

I am a very structured person (sometimes more in theory than reality!) and enjoy organizing my thoughts and processes. Historically, when I would carve out the time to read my Bible or dig into the word, my mind would wander and I would not necessarily retain the information I had read, etc. However, that process changed dramatically when I read about a way to journal during devotional time. 
In efforts to maximize my devotion time, I do a couple of things that have proven to be really helpful. I now feel more organized and am able to recall specific prayers, feelings of gratitude and lessons with ease. When I need to recall a recent scripture I’ve read, it’s there… When I need to be reminded of how blessed I am, it’s there… You get the picture…
Here’s the process— it is a two part thing but only takes about 10 minutes to complete.
Part I: Gratitude
The objective in this portion of the entry is simply list making ( I love lists!). 
I jot down five things I’m grateful for during that day. 
My list normally looks something like this:
1. My husband making me coffee
2. The smell of a rose
3. Dinner with my best friend
4. A dependable vehicle
5. Milo playing with the other dogs.
This section was originally inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.
I have found that simply being thankful each day has helped me re-frame my thoughts and become a more content and grateful individual.
The objective in this portion of the entry is to outline what I’ve read and how it applies to my life. 
SOAP is an acronym that stands for: (S) scripture, (O) observation, (A) Application, (P) Prayer.
Right now I am reading the book of Nehemiah one chapter at a time (However, I think this processes could also be used while reading or during a Bible study.) and my entry could possibly look like this:
S: Nehemiah 2
O: Nehemiah was called by God to rebuild the wall.
A: If we rely and trust in God, any “wall” in our life can be rebuilt.
< At this point, I’ll usually insert something about my personal walk with the Lord. >
P: Lord, I’ve been struggling to rebuild ____ and I need your help. I know that you are mighty and orchestrate all things for your good. Please help me be patient during this time of waiting and learn to rely on you. In your heavenly name, Amen.
This section was originally inspired by Dashing Dish’s blog post on the SOAP method. 
I have found that summarizing the information I just read is really helpful. I retain more, I apply it to my life and am more prayerful about my circumstances.  
Journaling has changed my walk with Christ because it has helped me become more aware of how alive the scriptures are and reminded me to be grateful in all circumstances (this sister can get negative in about half a second— I CAN GO THERE!). Also, I have found that since I am getting more out of the word, I am more inclined to sit down and read it! It’s a beautiful thing!

I’d love to hear from you—how do you maximize your devotion time? Do you think that a more structured approach is the way to go?

Spring Wreath

I made this little Spring beauty for my sister! 
Materials: Leftover yarn from my fall wreath project (free), ribbon, bird’s nest and foam wreath from Hobby Lobby for under $10! 
The hardest part of any yarn wreath is the actual wrapping— that kind of takes a while but can be easily accomplished during an episode or two of Mad Men! (Am I the only one that’s crazy addicted to that show!??) 
Directions: Wrap the yarn tightly around the foam wreath, hot glue ribbon and birds nest. EASY!
Also, don’t forget to grab the Hobby Lobby weekly coupon before you go or show it on your iphone! It’s a 40% savings you don’t want to miss! 

German Potato Salad

I love potato salad and my family has the best recipe EVER. During the warmer months, potato salad is a perfect side dish to your family meals and friendly BBQs. Make sure you introduce this tasty recipe into your meal rotation…


5 lb Bag of Potatoes
Miracle Whip
4 Eggs
White Vinegar
Gherkin Pickles
Sweet Yellow Onion

Cube potatoes and boil with skin.
After boiled, drain water & stick in fridge to harden
as it prevents potatoes from mashing.
(mama says, “that’s a trick!”)
Prepare 4 Hard Boiled Eggs.
In a separate bowl, mix 1 Cup of Miracle Whip,
1/4 cup Mustard, 2 T White Vinegar, 1/2 cup
pickle juice, and 2 T of sugar.
Then begin layering your salad:
dash of salt, 
mustard mixture, 
bit of chives, 
one small diced gherkin pickle
and repeat.
After each layer toss and mix your salad.
When finished, sprinkle with paprika and use remaining chives to decorate.
Chill overnight.

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On Repeat: Florence + the Machine

Sometimes songs just get stuck in your head and you cannot shake it (reference intended)!

This song is so AMAZING! I can’t get it off repeat! If you aren’t a Florence + the Machine fan, you should be… I mean really— she’s crazy good!

Without further ado, Shake it Out!

What are you listening to right now? Tell me… I need to get off this kick… or maybe I don’t. 🙂

Spring Love: Fashion

Don’t you love Spring? I love adding pieces to my wardrobe especially when bright colors are involved (even though it scares me sometimes!). I am so excited for my most recent Spring purchases… so excited that I wanted to share the pieces with y’all! 

1. I purchased this precious Sherbet Top from Matilda Jane from a virtual trunk show. I cannot wait to get it on and feel it! I’ve heard it’s as delicious as it looks! 
2. Also, I am so excited about this awesome dress I purchased from a new (to me) site called eShakti. For signing up now, you get a $20 gift certificate towards a purchase of $30 or more! I was able to find an overstock dress that is to die for and 40 % off. I LOVE ruffles! Also, the dresses are customizable for your height etc so my little legs (have I told you that I’m built like a jack russell?) are going to be a-ok with this dress!
3. Target had a pretty sweet deal this week so I scooped up these two pair of shoes for buy one get one 50% online. I am excited to have a new new pair of flats, I have big plans for these little guys! And everyone needs a pair of cognac braided sandals, right?

As you can see, I’m having a great time shopping for Spring. Have you started sprucing up your wardrobe yet? If so, what’s the most exciting thing you’ve added to your Spring collection?

Painting Part II: Slapping Paint

Hey Y’all! In this post, I am gonna chat about the actual painting process and build on the Painting Part I post. Again, maybe you are a super DIYer and LOVE all things related to manual labor… but I am not that CHICK so I’ll chronicle the steps we took to spruce up our kitchen. 
1. We selected paint from Sherwin Williams that had a higher clean-ability than regular flat paint (a gloss).    
We fell in love with lemongrass (a light greenish yellow color!) for the walls, a beautiful white for the trim and a warmer white for the ceiling called Muslin.

2. We had to buy paint brushes in efforts to deal with the trim and ceiling. We used a split foam roller brush for the ceiling in efforts to help avoid crumbling (yes, we have textured ceilings and NO it is not coming down! We did that in the bedroom once and the hubby about killed me!)

3. After the paint and brushes had been selected we started slappin’ paint. That’s the expression that J uses but really we understand that there is more to it, right?!? Start at the ceiling and trim it out first.

4. Once the ceiling has been trimmed out then with your foam roller (if dealing with a textured ceiling) paint the ceiling but only move your brush in one direction. With textured ceilings you can make long paint strokes but you don’t want to have your brush going back and forth as it can cause some of the drywall to fall off. (NOT A GOOD TIME!)

5. After the ceiling is in good shape, you can start on the walls. Again, you want to trim it out first and be very careful in order not to get color on your freshly painted ceiling.

6. After you’ve trimmed out your walls and painted them, we changed paint colors and worked on the trim. The baseboards and the doors. ( I do a good job on doors but not so much on the trim!)

7. Make sure you touch up as necessary and look for any spots that you may have missed. Some times depending on paint color or previous wall color, you’ll need to repeat this process to get a thicker coat of paint.

8. Finally, you’ve reached the end of this process and are ready for a break!

Since I’m not technical in nature I did want to direct those technical folks to a website has some excellent painting tips and tricks. TLC has a really good article about painting and you can find it here or this tips for novices article from BHG is great too check it out here.

Good Luck! 

Wildcat Weekend

This weekend we spent all waking hours either talking about, watching or celebrating UK basketball.
UK had a huge match-up this weekend with U of L and it generated a lot of energy in the Bluegrass. 
I am so proud to be a part of a state that had two solid basketball teams represented in the NCAA final four tournament. It was amazing (and even better that UK came out on top!).
Many UK fans woke up early Saturday morning and scouted out a seat at a sportbar in order to watch the game with fellow fans. My husband and his friends saved our seats at 12:30 that afternoon. The game did not start until 6:00 PM…
It was an afternoon of fun and fellowship with folks! We had a great time. After UK won the game, everyone stormed the streets to celebrate. I think we did the CATS cheer about 100 times that evening. 
The streets were lined with fans that were proud of the boys for playing their hearts out. UK basketball is a BIG thing around here, y’all!
It was truly a wildcat weekend! I love celebrating a victory with our city! However, I must say, if you have read or seen the news reports about the UK students burning couches and flipping cars, that does not represent the city as a whole but only a small portion of the student population. UK fans are kinda crazy but we all are a little disappointed that the kids behaved so poorly. Most of us cheered in a safe environment that did not compromise the well-being of others. 
Ok so now that the rant is over… we plan for the championship game TONIGHT at 9 PM.