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A Break.

Hi Y’all! For those of you that frequent this lil’ blog of mine, you may have wondered why I have been MIA for the past month or so. At the beginning of the summer, my blog posts converted into a trickle from what I considered a steady stream of posts, ideas and grand tales… Then last month, the blog took a halt… I stopped blogging. First I stopped blogging because I was busy and then I developed a brief writer’s block. I didn’t really know what to say or how to say it so I just stopped trying. It was easier that way. Now as I stare at the blank page that’s before me, I feel renewed. I know that the page is a blank canvas for me to use in order to spill out thoughts and a platform to foster the creative side of me. For this renewed feeling, I am grateful.
I can’t wait to start writing more but until the content is developed (or I feel inspired), here is a preview of what I’ve been doing this summer. It’s been so awesome! 
(Oh yeah… the photos, mostly iphone! Quality— not so much!)
 1. I finished another quarter at school and am one step closer to graduation. I’m pretty stoked!
2. My friend, sister and husband traveled with me to Haiti for two weeks. I’ll tell you more about that later. 
3. The hubs and I went to Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati. So much fun!
4. Before we went to Haiti, we had the opportunity to visit Moline, IL where my friend lives. 
We loved the John Deere exhibit. 
5. We had family lunch a few days ago and it was really nice. The older I get the more I cherish family time. 
Doesn’t it look like a great time? It was. Have you had a fun summer? If so, tell me all about it. 

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