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Thriller Weekend {Beware-Scary Zombie Pic}

This weekend I channeled my inner Michael Jackson and participated in the annual Thriller Parade downtown Lexington. Normally, I am terrified of public appearances but this year, I pushed those emotions aside and signed up to participate.

Over the course of the month, I’ve attended practices and learned the routine. The folks organizing the event made it very easy to learn and reminded us, “once Michael gets out there, no one cares about you!” That helped quell my fears and helped me enjoy the journey more.

In order to get ready for my zombie venture, I also had to figure out my costume. I elected to be a nurse zombie as my friend was a zombie doctor. I had a pair of scrubs donated to me by a friend and purchased a five dollar zombie make-up kit from Target. In order to create the look, I watched this video online to get some tips.

The event took place on Main Street with 1200 zombie participants. My group performed seven times as we were in the back of the parade. We had a blast!


Although, it seems spooky, the event really is fun! I love community driven activities and this one certainly draws a crowd. I mean everyone loves Michael Jackson, just sayin’. 

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