April Birchbox.

I look forward to my BirchBox each month.
It’s one of my favorite cheap thrills.

This month my box included:

Mirenesse, glossy lipstick.
Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner for colored hair.
Skin&Co Roma, cleansing body gel. 
Supergoop!, anti-aging eye cream.
Kusmi Tea Paris, tea packets. 
One-Year Subscription to Women’s Health Magazine.

I cannot wait to try all of these new items (most of them have been tossed into my gym bag!).
Also, I am stoked that I do not have to pay for another year’s subscription of my favorite magazine, Women’s Health! Yay!

Do you buy any monthly subscriptions similar to BirchBox? If so, tell me about it. 

{Marital Connection} Change Your Routine.

In our marriage, it is easy to get into a boring  routine that is not conducive to “connecting”. 
We are comfortable in the normalcy of our world and forget to “connect”. When we aren’t connecting, I get antsy. I do not like the staleness associated with mediocracy. I never have and never will. 
That’s why when our marriage gets into a state of “no connection”, I am usually the first one to do something about it. I try to shake things up in an unexpected way to bring in a freshness into our lives. 
Often times, this change is small and sets a stage for conversation. In our marriage, if we have an opportunity to talk without distraction (ahem, put down the phone ladies  Heather.) and create new memories, we are easily reminded of our lifelong love affair. 
A subtle shake-up could include and impromptu breakfast like we had this morning. I never make breakfast. I don’t like mornings. But this morning we weren’t “connecting”. We were going about our daily tasks without checking in on one another and I didn’t like it. So I changed it.

During breakfast, we talked about our day. Then as we went about our way tackling each to do item, we were a little bit sweeter, stole a few more kisses, and overall felt more optimistic. 

What simple changes have you made to your routine to promote a marital connection?

High Five for Friday.

Friday. Friday. Friday. Hey! Hey! Hey! 
{I am so ready for the weekend to start.} 
1.) My mamas gorgeous Easter table.

2.) Twelve hidden Easter eggs throughout the house for Mr. Goodwill to hunt. I think he enjoyed working for his Easter candy.
3.) Cuddling at night with my pups. Mr. Duke ranked the highest this week with his sweet smiling face as he snoozed at my feet.
4.) Haitian crackers while learning about the art of financial management…
5.) Stella + Dot earrings. They’ve been delicately tucked into my jewelry box waiting for Spring… I adore them! 
 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg
P.S. I am linking up for #H54F with this gorgeous lady

April Wallpaper + Looking Forward.

I found this super simple April calendar online for my desktop this month and love it.

April is always a lot of fun for me because the weather is starting to improve and I get to walk my pups more. There are a few other things I am looking forward to this month…

  1. Participating in the Lexington Arthritis Walk.
  2. A yard sale to raise support for our upcoming Haiti trip.
  3. The UK Spring football game.
  4. Cause Night at the Lexington Legends game for the Arthritis Foundation.
  5. And as bizarre as it sounds, a dermatology appointment. I am switching groups and am hopeful this new derm offers me some suggestions for this funk on my chin. 
Tell me: What fun things are you looking forward to this April?

When I’m Not Blogging…

It has been a couple of weeks since I have been on this lil’ blog of mine. You see, it is difficult for me to integrate my love of writing into my daily life. I am busy like you and as a result I tend to prioritize other things over my space here on the internets…

When I am not blogging, I am…

1.)Working outside of our home in a leadership role trying to make a difference in healthcare and provide for our family.

2.) Loving on my husband and focusing on strengthening our marriage.

3.) Planning a trip to Haiti this summer and fundraising for our trip.

4.) Trying to clean our house and get keep the laundry from overtaking the upstairs.

5.) Playing with our pets and making them do silly things.

6.) Sitting in the classroom or on the internet and trying to finish my master’s degree.

7.) Attempting to go to the gym and do other things to improve my health.

8.) Laughing and hanging out with my friends and family.

9.) Learning Haitian Creole so we can communicate with our Haitian friends.

10.) Carving out time for daily devotions, weekly Bible Study and church.

11.) Wasting time on the internet reading my favorite blogs.

While this list is not comprehensive, it does paint a picture of my life. It is not infused with creativity at ever turn and it does not orbit around home remodels or a fashionable closet but it provides me with an abundance of joy… And for that I am grateful.