High Five for Friday.

 It’s 5’oclock on Friday and I’m stoked. So grateful for the weekend!As usual, I am teaming up with the ever so beautiful Lauren Elizabeth for another High Five for Friday.  This week was filled with busyness, meetings, and a lot of laughter.

Here were my favorite moments:


What about them Cats? They made it to the final four. Woo Hoo!

photo 1

(I think I hijacked this image from KSR, but honestly can’t remember. Sorry!)


We spent Tuesday on the farm and my friend Lizz took some really funny pics.

photo 3


I started a campaign to raise money for my friend John Robert so he can attend college in the states.

You can learn more here: www.fundly.com/john-robert-viellard-college-fund.

photo (15)


I started the Unveiled Wife devotion Wife After God and am so in love. The gift God has given this girl is un-be-lievable!


A sunset on the farm. Need I say more?

photo 2 (2)

Tell me: What made your week?

{Hippie Wife} Oil Pulling.

Coconut Oil.jpg

I first read about oil pulling on Words of William’s blog. Since I think everything they do is great, I tried it because I wanted clearer skin, whiter teeth, improved overall health and the other health benefits listed on the Food Matters site too.

{my experience}

The first time- I hated them and hated myself. I puked for 30 minutes after the first experience because I inadvertently swallowed some of the coconut oil.

The second time- I loved the results and felt that it was worth the torture.

{the process}

I want the natural health benefits of oil pulling without the puking so I tweaked the process.

Once a week I take a spoonful (I use a teaspoon) of coconut oil and smear it on the roof of my mouth.

As the oil begins to melt, I swish for twenty minutes in hopes of promoting my overall health.

 I stay busy by surfing the internet.

{the pros}

My teeth look whiter.

I have the after the dentist “clean” feeling.

My jaws (I clench due to stress) feel looser.

{the cons}

I gagged when I tried to use a tablespoon.

I am a mouth breather and sometimes feel smothered.

It is an acquired taste.

Overall, I think I will continue to oil pull as I truly love the way my teeth feel afterwards. The process isn’t my favorite, but it has proven to be an inexpensive way to whiten my teeth and feel better about my oral health. I dig it.

Tell me: Have you ever tried oil pulling?