{When Haiti and America Collide} Food

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American food is much different from Haitian cuisine. As a result, John Robert’s first days in America were rough. He says, “Everything tasted different and I thought I was going to starve from not eating.” During those first days, we tried a lot of different foods. Yet, we were unable to satisfy his desire for food from home- fried plantains, beans and rice, chicken, etc. This is hard to find in America, so we settled for small victories. Our first win came from Chuy’s (tortilla soup) and the second from Masala (Goat curry). And the winning meal to date, jambalaya, homemade by our cousin, Betsy! Over time, eating has become easier for JR, and he’s found more foods he enjoys! (Praise God!) However, I know he still longs for Haitian food; so if you ever have beans and rice, call him!

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{When Haiti and America Collide} Wal-Mart

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As I mentioned, my husband and I made the decision to help our friend John Robert get to the states to attend college. One of our first experiences took place in Wal-Mart. You see, I made JR promise that he would let me take him to Wal-Mart for the very first time. I ended up taking him within the first hours of his arrival to the states (once I get something in my mind, I can’t wait!). My main goal was to show him the differences between the Haitian markets and ours… Boy, was he shocked. In Haiti, the produce he’s holding are dietary staples, but here they are nearly double the size! JR was amazed at the size of our produce, the organization of the store, and the OPTIONS! He’s not a big shopper, but we learned a lot the first day about American cuisine, choices, and price comparing. He’s been to Wal-Mart numerous times since this trip, but I think he’ll always remember his first time. I know I will!

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