{Breastfeeding} Pumping at Work.

one of the hardest things about having a baby is breastfeeding. it requires a lot of time and energy. it gets harder when you are forced to go back to work and have to pump to make enough milk for your child while they are with another caregiver. over the past few weeks, i’ve been working on my schedule and process. it’s been difficult, but worth it. here’s my process:

+ i pack eight 2.5 ounce bottles in a cooler pack the night before.

+ pump in the morning, at lunch, early afternoon, and right before i leave work.

+ store the bottles in the mini-fridge next to my office.

+ i made a sign that says “come back in 10 minutes” for the outside of my office door. this helps folks know i am unavailable during this time and encourages them to come back.

+ i bought a pump for work. this prevents me from forgetting my equipment and removes one extra headache from the day. having all my supplies readily available makes the process much easier.

+ during my pumping times, i go through my e-mails and listen to my voicemails so i can stay on task at work.

+ i pump one breast at a time so i don’t have to use a handsfree bra (doesn’t fit well under my clothes).

+ i bring a life factory water bottle from home and keep it filled with water at all times. my production is better when i’m well hydrated.

+ for days when my production seems low, i brew a cup of mother’s milk tea and have it after lunch.

i’ve found that pumping at work is possible, but requires great dedication. without a well-polished routine, i know that i’ll get behind and inevitably give up.

{tell me}: do you pump at work? do you have a process for pumping? any tips you may have are welcomed!



Change is Good.

Things have changed quite a bit ’round here since my last post in February.

For starters, John Robert changed universities and started attending Transylvania University in Lexington, KY after a successful freshman year at Kentucky Christian University. We’ve been fundraising, moving, and adjusting to his new life in KY over the past year and he’s already moved twice… He was able to visit Haiti this summer which was an amazing gift after a hard year learning to survive in the USA. We love JR and are so honored to be a part of his journey.

IMG_1312(Photo taken this Spring after a KCU soccer game!)

Secondly, on May 27,2015, Jason and I finalized our adoption and finally were able to give our daughter, Beverly, our last name! It was a joyous occasion filled with a “gotcha day” party and the fulfillment of a promise we made to Bev when she moved in… she got her ears pierced!


(Photo taken on Cinco de Mayo!)

And finally, we welcomed a sweet baby boy into our lives on June 22, 2015 after hours and hours of labor… Ellias weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long. It was love at first sight for all of us!


(Photo taken around 3 weeks old)

This year has been filled with tremendous growth and an explosion of love. My husband and I are grateful for all of the support we’ve had over the past several months. There is NO way we could have endured the craziness without our family and friends. It’s been a wild ride!