Non-Morning Person Routine {With Kids}



I am not a morning person. Frankly, I don’t believe I should be required to function with kindness until 10 AM. However, I’m a mom now and I don’t have luxuries like sleeping in… And when I get mad, I remind myself I chose this! I chose to be a mama. I chose to give up my sweet morning sleep and wrestle with two kids instead… I’ve developed a quick morning routine that works, most of the time… It doesn’t work when I hit snooze and little mama gets dropped off at school at the same time as the dreaded “you are now tardy” sign gets put out in the carpool loop at school. It also doesn’t work when the baby has a blow-out right after he’s been buckled into his car seat… But mostly, it works and here’s how:

6:00 AM – Nurse

6:20 AM- Shower

(Failure to do this on time will mess the entire flow!)

6:40 AM- Wake little mama

6:50 AM- Breakfast/ Pour Coffee

6:55 AM- Blow dry hair

7:00 AM- Give little mama a fifteen minute warning/apply make-up/dress

7:10 AM- Change baby

7:15 AM- At the door

Here’s how I “win”:

I lay everything out the night before including coffee mugs, breakfast bowls, etc.

I chopped my hair so I could reduce blow dry and flat iron time. {And it was falling out postpartum..}

I don’t know how to anything more than a “five-minute face” with make-up.

Little mama is friendly in the morning.

The baby is an efficient breast feeder and normally chills in his swing after his “breakfast”.

Here’s how I “lose”:

I don’t get to do a devo to start my day.

I don’t get to exercise or stretch or ease into my morning.

If I hit snooze or if one thing goes wrong, I am late dropping off little mama to school.

If I shower the night before (which is truly ideal), I feel like death when I wake-up.

I go to bed too late and still am up in the middle of the night nursing so I feel like I’ve been hit by a mack truck. every. day.

As you can tell, this is NOT an expert post. This is not a “hey, I’ve got it all together” story. This is my life and it’s a mess! Totally imperfect. And I need help, honestly. Does anyone have any advice on how to have a smoother morning even when… you don’t like mornings… your baby doesn’t sleep through the night… and you stay up too late because it’s the only one on one time you get with your husband…??? If so, I’d love to know… E-mail me. Comment below.Pray for me. Tell me I’m not alone. I’ll accept any or all of the above.

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  1. I was hoping you had the answers to the questions you posted at the bottom! Ha!! This is my life and I don’t have the burden of getting kids to school yet or going to work. I’ve been trying to set my alarm for 6am but it ain’t happening so far!

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