the holiday season is a lot of fun, but it can be overwhelming. if your life is like mine, your schedule is already FULL and the thought of adding another item on the list makes you want to scream. this year, on top of all of the holiday shenanigans, our family is moving. this is crazy. a craziness that makes me want to praise the Lord for his provision and pull my hair out all at the very same time. is that possible?

perhaps, you’re like me right now. your world is total CHAOS and your chest is tight and you feel like you can’t do another thing… please let me encourage you. it is possible to grind through the season of chaos and come out on the other side. a much brighter, more relaxing side.

i try to cope with the emotion of being overwhelmed by:

{creating time for Christ} i am not as good at this as i should be, but i do make it a point to create time for Christ. i keep one of my favorite scriptures in the front of my mind all day. “cast all your anxieties on Him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7. i listen to sermons on podcast or worship music when i’m in the car. i make sure if i can’t get my devotion in that i’m still doing it with little mama at night. this helps me stay focused on His promises instead of the anxiety that is buzzing through me.

{create a list} i love lists, but i also can be overwhelmed by my list. i make a “six list” for things i need to complete TODAY and then put future ideas/tasks/etc in my iPhone. this helps me figure out what tasks i need to accomplish, what is immediate, and what can wait.

{divide and conquer} my family is always busy and sometimes that requires us to divide and conquer. right now for example, j is at our new house working on floors, and i’m taking care of the kids and working on laundry. by splitting up tasks i can get a lot done.

{it takes a village} i use my support team to help. i am not great at asking for help, but i’m learning the importance. just yesterday, i asked my mom to keep the kids and asked one of my best friends to meet me at our new house so we could clean it. i paid both my mom and my friend with sausage biscuits from McDonald’s and felt a lot less stressed as a result. the kids were well cared for and the task i needed to complete was done twice as fast.

{give yourself grace} when i  am busy and pulled in a thousand different directions i am going to mess up. my house is going to be a wreck. saxophones are going to get left at home even though it’s band day at school. and that’s ok. life happens. in the grand scheme of things, the things i miss don’t make or break our family, or me even. on the days i choose to roll with life’s messiness, things go a lot smoother.

sometimes i am overwhelmed even in spite of my coping techniques. however, i know, there’s another side. i know a pity party won’t change things. and i choose to get after it…


tell me: how to do you cope with being overwhelmed?


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