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{Cloth Diapers} The Decision


We are cloth diaper people… well, kind of… When E was born we were exclusively using disposable diapers, however, we decided to make a change when he turned four months old.

The change occurred because we realized how expensive diapers were and I read a staggering statistic that said “18 billion disposable diapers were thrown into landfills every year”. I honestly didn’t think we could do cloth diapers because we both work out of the home full-time, but decided to give it a try.

I am happy to report we have been successfully using cloth diapers for over 20 months and don’t regret a thing.

Based on our circumstances, and the various caregivers E has every week, we decided to use both disposable and cloth diapers. We use disposable diapers for other caregivers and use cloth diapers at home. At first, we were reluctant to use both, but quickly realized we didn’t have to be so rigid.

Once we created a plan, we embraced the flexibility this provided to our family. We were able to reduce the overall cost of diaper consumption which saved money and reduce the amount of diapers going into the landfills every year. Our caregivers were happy not to have to change their routine, and we enjoyed having a cute fluff butt running around the house. 

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