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{Cloth Diapers} The Type


After we made the decision to use cloth diapers, we were quickly overwhelmed with the options. Here were the three things I did to educate myself on the world of cloth diapers:

Once I stopped googling and narrowed the tools I was using to help create a plan for our family, I felt more confident.

Our first set of diapers were purchased second hand {facebook group} and had two types of diapers- flips and pocket diapers.

The flips diapers were a favorite of a friend of mine so I had high hopes that they would work for our family. And, they do, during the day, but at nighttime we struggled with leakage.

Here are details about the flips diapers:

Our favorite diapers quickly became the pocket diapers. We had no leakage and didn’t find the stuffing to be a big deal like it was for some folks. We found the best deals on the Alva pocket diapers so chose to add to our lot and purchased from Amazon.

When choosing a liner, we also found there were various options. We tried some that came with our used lot, but found the ideal liners for our heavy wetter, was charcoal or hemp. We found the best deals for these on eBay. Charcoal and hemp liners are very absorbant, help keep the smell away as a result.

Another decision to make with cloth diapering is choosing a diaper cream. Our favorite, based on recommendation has been the earth mama angel baby bottom balm. We’ve never had any issue with redness when using this balm and it cloth diaper friendly.

Our total investment ended up being around $250. We were also blessed with a few extra diapers and liners from our Aunt that gave them to us as a gift once we nailed down the type we preferred. You could certainly do this for a bit cheaper, but we wanted to have enough so we didn’t have to wash all the time.

There is a lot of information out there about cloth diapers, but hopefully this will help you narrow your choices, based on my experience.


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