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{Declutter} 33 Items.


Over the last three years, I have discarded items leading up to my birthday in hopes of starting another year a little lighter, with a little less chaos . For my 30th birthday, I got rid of 30 grocery bags full of items from my house including clothes, household items, etc. For my 31st, 31 bags, for my 32nd, 32 bags, but now… for my 33 that just passed a couple weeks ago, I  found I no longer had 33 bags of stuff to get rid of… this my friends is progress!!

It’s the type of progress I dreamed of, but didn’t quite feel was attainable when I was knee deep in laundry and overwhelmed with kids toys, but then when I started my 33 bag purge, I realized, most of these things I don’t just like, I love! I recognized the feeling occurred because I have been more intentional about the things I brought into my life over the past three years. This is such a sweet victory!

Anyway, this year, while I did not have 33 bags, I did have 33 items. Here are some things I was able to get rid of:

+ Baby socks– I never went through E’s sock drawer and discarded a haul of socks that were too small for his growing feet.

+ Random picture frames/knick knacks– I try to keep things minimal so I don’t have to dust often, but I tend to gather a lot of picture frames and cutesy knick knacks through the year… sometimes as gifts, and sometimes I get roped into a good sale (full disclosure- I am a work in progress!). If I am not LOVING these items and haven’t used them. They get donated.

+Raggedy event t-shirts- I always take the free t-shirt and then hang on to them WAY beyond their life span. I realized this year, I need to stop! I was able to purge several of these from my shirt drawer.

+ Toys– The Happy Meal toys that are only played with for a card ride accumulate in my house. I found them hidden in toy boxes, etc. and donated them.

+ Tupperware- Missing lids, stained tubs, etc. All of these items create frustration for me and are gone through annually and discarded.

This might feel overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to start in your own home, but here’s how I process:

  • Do I hate cleaning, dusting, etc. this item?
  • Have I used this item this year?
  • Am I confident when I have this item on?
  • Do I feel JOY (hello, Konmari) when I see/wear/touch this item?
  • Is it necessary?

If the answer is no to one or more of these things- this item is OUT the door immediately! I load it up in my van so I don’t overthink it and these items to Goodwill while running errands for the week. There are some instances where the item may have more value and I’ll resell it on a Facebook group or eBay, but that’s not usually the case.

I’ve found that by living intentionally, I am able to stop managing things and have more time for stuff that’s important in life- and as all the minimalist say- that’s generally not stuff.

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