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{Homeschool} The Decision.


Last year, our family made a life altering decision to enter the homeschool world. We pulled our daughter, then in the sixth grade, from public school and set her on a new path. This decision was not made lightly and has caused us to sacrifice as a family in many ways, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The growth we have seen in the last year has been tremendous.

There were a few considerations we made before deciding to take the plunge.

#1- We both work full-time- so our first constraint was TIME. We decided to put her in a homeschool group where she’d be in the classroom three days per week and they provide us with the curriculum.

#2- Since we both work full-time, we had to figure out HOW to homeschool. Our family is very supportive and my mother-in-law helps with the educational component of homeschooling. My parents have helped with the expense of homeschooling and made it financially possible for us to put our daughter in different environment.

#3- The most important decision we had to make was WHY. Bev is a smart kid and full of energy. We decided that in order for her to thrive in school, we needed her to be in a setting that loved her unconditionally and gave her the freedom to get off task from time to time. Giving her a two-day break at home per week, she’s able to play MORE. But, at the same time, having her in a smaller classroom setting, she was able to make friends easier and feel SAFER. We knew beyond having our daughter being a rocket scientist, we just wanted her to learn how to cooperate with people and to make friends. This opportunity has been afforded to her through homeschooling.

This has been the best decision we’ve ever made for her and we are grateful that this month marks our second year of classes and pursuit of a more purposeful education for her.

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