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{Cloth Diapers} The Wash Routine


The wash routine has by far been the most complicated issue we’ve had with cloth diapers. And, I should warn you, if you are super crunchy (which I admire), you’ll need to know, I abandoned that plan after about six months- because of odor.

I read a lot on my Facebook groups about the wash routine and found this one to be the most helpful for me (not crunchy)-

It helped me determine what was wrong with my wash routine and helped me figure out how to maximize the outcome with my washer. LOVE THIS!

So, here at 24 months, this is our plan:

  • Diapers go into pail. We use this– along with the cloth diaper liner.


  • Once a week we wash. This was more when he was younger, obviously. Also, remember, we use disposable diapers for other caregivers.


  • We also use our regular detergent- we used to use Rockin’ Green Natural Detergent, but couldn’t get our rhythm with this product. So, now we either use Tide or Norwex detergent.


  • Every other load will have either vinegar or bleach to make sure the smell is not an issue.


  • The load gets set on hot, heavy soil level, and extra high spin speed. In the beginning, when we were trying to get the smell under control, I also ran it through with an extra rinse to make sure all the yuckiness was gone. This takes around 1 hour 15 minutes (without the extra rinse).


  • Once the diapers are finished, they either go in the dryer on normal or they go on the clothesline to dry.  (This takes about 38 minutes).


  • After the diapers are dried- they are ready to stuff. This takes about 15 minutes and is usually done at night while watching a show.


  • If the weather is great, we line dry. The sun helps with stains and kills smell pretty quickly.


Tell me: If you use cloth diapers, what does your wash routine look like?

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