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Over the past few years, I’ve been on a mission to declutter. It’s a gradual process and often I find myself frustrated with all of my consumption that has led me to this place- but I am trying to streamline and focus on ways to bring about joy in daily life without being distracted by excess.

I’ve been focusing on decluttering my technology recently and have found it to be quite cumbersome. There are so many ways I get trapped into sales, time suckers, and comparison through technology. That’s why I knew I had to start making strides to rid myself of the excess.

I started with my e-mail accounts. My work account has been by far the most challenging and is still being worked on… However, my personal e-mail account has been a bit easier. Anytime I receive an e-mail I don’t want, I am hitting unsubscribe. I am making an intentional decision not to clutter my inbox or my mind with e-mails that don’t mean something to me.

I then started with my social media platforms- I un-follwed and unliked things that are creating an unhealthy comparison in my life or are super negative. This could be celebrities, or even product that I enjoy, but don’t want to be tempted to buy in excess (ahem, Lularoe).

I’ve also been working on deleting and managing the apps on my phone. I’ve found than approximately 1/3 of the apps housed on my phone don’t even get used. I deleted those immediately. Then, I turned off notifications to minimize my alerts and possible phantom dings. Additionally, I organized all of my apps by theme and have them stored in a more organized way to help keep things on one page. 

These steps have been instrumental in changing my consumption habits. I am also working on monitoring my cell battery usage to involve more podcasts, audible, or Kindle apps over social media. I’m not there yet, but am working towards this goal.

Tell me: What ways have you tried to declutter your technology?



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