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Get Control of Your Laundry Routine in 3 Steps


If you are a busy mom like me, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by your laundry. I’ve spent most of my adult life stressed out about laundry, but I’m happy to say, I’ve found a routine that makes it easy to stay caught up.

#1- The first step to a better laundry routine is to start the night before. I use the timer on my washing machine and set it for 8 hours right before bed. I load the laundry into the washer and right before I get up the load in the washer is finished.

#2- I transfer the laundry to the dryer first thing in the morning and start another load by setting the timer. This load gets set for 9 hours. While I’m at work, the load will run and be ready for me to transfer when I get home from work.

#3- When I get home from work, I transfer over another load and then fold during TV time.

These three simple tasks have helped my family tremendously and I’m not as behind on laundry as I have been in the past. And, that feels AWESOME!


Tell me: What is your laundry routine? 


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