Hi Y’all! I’m Heather. I reside in Lexington, Kentucky with my husband, Jason and our three pups and one cat. (We did not intend on being that kind of pet lover—but we are!)…

I’m not good at bios—too much pressure. Bios make me want to say things like: I’ve never met a stranger, I am an excellent cook, I never leave the house in sweatpants and I am always really laid back. “About Me” sections give me panic attacks because I feel like I have to jazz up my credentials in order to be likable— so this is one is going to be different…

This blog is an outlet for me. A way for me to document my messy imperfect life… A way for me to find joy and triumph in in the unraveling edges of life and find peace in the perfect way of the Lord!

As a result, this blog regularly highlights many different topics such as: frugal living, married life, crafting, recipes, fitness, fashion, etc. I love the release of documenting my life through words and get even more excited when people choose to read it.

Thank you for stopping by! It makes my heart really happy.

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