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How was Haiti?

I just returned from my fourth trip to Haiti. After trips, I’m always met with the same question, “How was Haiti?” This question is always incredibly hard for me to answer because it’s difficult to describe the way I feel. Haiti, to me, is like going home for Christmas. It’s the place where my heart… Read More How was Haiti?

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A Break.

Hi Y’all! For those of you that frequent this lil’ blog of mine, you may have wondered why I have been MIA for the past month or so. At the beginning of the summer, my blog posts converted into a trickle from what I considered a steady stream of posts, ideas and grand tales… Then… Read More A Break.


Haiti Sunrise.

(Source: Google) In three glorious months, my husband, sister and I get to watch the sun rise and fall in Haiti. We will be traveling to St. Louis Du Nord on June 18th and serve the folks of my favorite country for 10 fun filled days.  This will be my second time to Haiti and the… Read More Haiti Sunrise.