February Update- John Robert Veillard

Below is a monthly update about my dear friend, John Robert. If you would like to learn more about him, you can visit our Fundly page. Also, for more details about him on the blog, check this out.



(He’s the cutie in the red striped shirt).


I hope this update finds you warm despite the bitter cold. I keep telling myself Spring is just around the corner… It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on John Robert and there’s a lot to share.
He’s doing exceptionally well at school and is taking a heavy load this semester (18 credit hours). When he’s not in the classroom, he has been working out (trying to keep off the freshman 15) and training with his soccer team. He will turn 21 on February 25th and we are looking forward to celebrating the big day with him!
In regards to fundraising for John Robert’s education, we continue to be blessed beyond measure. The generosity of family, friends, and complete strangers blows me away on a regular basis. I love seeing God move through each of you to bless John Robert. We are still $1,152 short for fully funding his first year in the United States. Additionally, we will start fundraising for year 2 in a few short months. To be honest, this gives us a bit of anxiety, but we are trusting in God’s timing and faithfulness in this endeavor.
To try and offset some of the expenses for year two, John Robert has been applying for small scholarships online and applied to two different colleges for the 2015-2016 school year. The first being Transylvania University. They’ve accepted him for admission and offered him a generous scholarship. However, if you know much about Transy, you know they provide superior education at a premium price. This scholarship, while incredible is $8,000 more per year than Kentucky Christian University. We are still prayerfully trying to work through these logistics to see if Transy would even be an option financially. He has also applied to Berea College (for the third time) as their educational offerings and financial package is optimal for young people in John Robert’s situation. We have yet to hear their response, but are praying fervently for this to be an option for next year. Both Transylvania and Berea would grant John Robert an opportunity to work and this would also be a positive step for offsetting expenses (KCU does not allow their internationals to work at this time).
In the Spring, we hope to have a few small fundraisers to help kick-off year two.  A couple of gals from work are planning a yard sale to raise money for JR, and I hope to host another fundraiser as well. More details on this will be made available soon.
In the meantime, will you continue to pray for God’s guidance and for John Robert to continue to be a dream chaser? It is my sincere prayer that we never grow weary of chasing after the dreams He has set before us…
Thank you for standing beside us on this journey! You are a blessing!
In Him,

{Foster Parenting} A Prayer for the Kids

Being a foster parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The rewards are great, but man, it’s hard work! When I find myself getting caught up in the daily routine of life, I try and take a step or two (at times) back and just pray for little momma. It helps me gain perspective and reminds me that at the end of the day she is HIS and he’s not finished with her story (or mine)!

Heavenly Father, Thank you for little momma! Thank you for creating her in your image and giving her a passion for you! As she goes through life, I ask that you break down any negative image that she has of herself and give her the ability to see herself in your eyes. She’s your princess, your shining light, and is more precious than gold. (Genesis 1:27)

I ask that you prepare a life that gives her the freedom to move past life’s hard knocks and moves toward you. Help her to maintain resilience, positivity, and love towards others. Help her to see that she is greater than her circumstance and the plan for her life is MORE than she can even imagine. (Habakkuk 1:5)

Father, any sort of negative label that’s been slapped on her, I ask that you remove it so that she can walk in FREEDOM. I pray that her innocence is restored and her heart is full of love for you! Thank you for protecting her and shielding her. Thank you for giving her a sound mind and the desire to walk in wisdom. (Psalm 91:4)

Thank you for the beauty she brings to our lives and I pray that you continue to knead her into the woman you’ve created her to be. Give her the courage to walk the path of righteousness and the discernment to know you will above all else. Thank you for the joy that fills her heart and for never letting her shine dull! Your future for her is bright and your love for her is endless. Thank you for her life. In your heavenly and precious name, Amen. (Isaiah 26:7)

{Gone to Haiti} 5 Prayers Requests.



In a couple of hours, we will be in the air headed towards these precious kids. While we are in Haiti, we covet your prayers, warm wishes, and love.  We are going to Haiti to bring joy and hope to a corrupt nation. It is our sincere desire to make a lasting difference in the lives of these sweet people.

Life is hard in Haiti. Your prayers and love make a difference to us while we are there. Things are always easier with support.

Here’s a list of our top 5 prayer requests (deemed priority by me!):

1. Protection from illness. We have been vaccinated for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and taking anti-malarial medication but that doesn’t always protect your body from other potential dangers. Please pray that our bodies are renewed each day and remain strong.

2. Joy in all circumstances. We travel with the intention of bringing joy and hope to the people of Haiti. In harsh conditions, it can be difficult to remain positive. Please pray that our attitudes are joyful not just to the Haitians but to each other as well.

3. The hearts of our Haitian friends. Historically, Haitians have been bulldozed by corrupt people. They have been beaten down and robbed of many opportunities as a result. Naturally, this type of treatment has built a wall around the hearts of many of the people we will meet. They are reluctant to love and receive because of their past hurts. Please pray for their hearts to be softened.

4. Our jobs. Please pray for the people at our places of employment and that things go smoothly while we are gone.

5. Our marriage. Traveling has always brought Jason and I closer. We’ve learned more about each other and grown in such beautiful ways while traveling together. Please pray that God continues to use travel as a way to strength our marital bond.

Thank you for your continued prayers and the moments you’ll think about us while we are away. It means the world to us!

See ya soon!